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Why Hire a Consultant or Coach?

Montana Business Consultant

A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have with self first, as well as with coaches, mentors and consultants. Perceived or not, in business roadblocks exist an outside perspective will help to clearly establish. When you are emotionally entrenched in business or a problem in life it is tough to face challenges with a clear mind and sense of purpose. Top CEO's and Professional Athletes all hire coaches, mentors, consultants and professionals to help them maintain as well as improve movements, habits and capability. For all of the most important things, the timing never quite seems to be right. But the truth is, the stars will never align and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time. The universe doesn't conspire against you, but it doesn't go out of its way to line up the pins either. Conditions are never perfect. You can bet, "someday" is a disease crushing potential, dreams and superior levels of success. Spending a little money on training, inventory control, product awareness, receiving standards, quality control points or just on secret shopping the operation could be what it takes to drive business forward to next level success. The money spent could be returned tenfold if what you learn is properly implemented. It's important for a consultant or coach to custom design a program addressing not only a weakness but immediate goals just beyond today's grasp. One challenge most business owners or management teams have is they can't see a problem despite the fact the operation is stagnant or starting to provide diminishing returns. In-fact, some operations could be making good money with no idea the volume itself hides thousands of dollars of lost revenue or outright theft. Mastering inventory controls as well as providing ongoing education is something owners and busy managers just don't seem to have. The savings pay for themselves and the lost revenue provides greater opportunity for growth and profit. As a small-business owner, the goal is to keep moving forward. Many small business owners purchase a job rather than invest in a business. Sometimes you find yourself as well as the business stuck in neutral. Other times, you’re going in reverse, watching as all you’ve worked for begins to slip away seemingly requiring more "hard work" and time from the investors or owner. Focus on being productive instead of busy, and learning how to do this effectively is not always easy. Entire cultures sometimes have to be changed. We’ve often heard about taking one step forward and two steps back, but what happens when you’re stuck in that pattern and can’t get out? Think about what happens when you walk into work each day and are hard wired to see the same things over and over while missing other vital things right under your nose? Not one single business small or large on the planet can possibly see each little detail perhaps hundreds of guests or customers can see. As a passionate owner or manager how do you translate the best interests of the team and business to line employees who can often be self-serving or apathetic? Where do you find the time to take on this type of vital challenge? Being able to quit things that don't work is integral to being a winner. Being able to spot the problem can be impossible when you are immersed in it, or part of the issue! Owners and many great managers are wired to go from point A to Z without stopping, looking around or asking for input or support. There is nothing wrong with doing your job but what is often missed is the difference between a ten or twenty hour work week monitoring systems and sixty hours a week putting out fires and participating in production. Both total time wasters in my humble thirty years experience. Business coaches as well as consultants can be hired by any small business and serve as a mentor in various areas including staffing, training, inventory control, corporate morale, relationship building, marketing and day-to-day business executions. Things many managers and hands on owners don't have the energy or time to handle while dollars, hundreds of dollars slip out of your hands each day in all cases I have encountered! This is one reason why I provide a free 24 hour evaluation. It's tough for any investor or management team to ask for outside help when they are smart, capable and experienced.

The top athletes in the world hire coaches, consultants and have entire outside management teams help guide their success and "business" fitness. If you are a restaurateur, look at your kitchen and bar drains right now. I will bet most are dirty and trash ridden. I would bet the ones that are hard to reach haven't been cleaned in half a year or more despite the fact they are on some sort of list posted on a wall. Is that a knock on ownership or management, or a quick realization at times getting the little things done each day seems impossible. The reason someone turns to a coach is to look for fresh perspectives on ways to accomplish their goals. A coach cannot do perform a task or do the work for you, even though a good one will model and tell your team why such things are vitally important. Great consultants are a totally impartial voice of reason and help you map out a plan management can easily keep on course. Great consultants add a human element, are compassionate, caring and strive to serve each customer where they uniquely stand despite what you may see on reality T.V. With this, a consultant is going to tell you things perhaps you are not ready to hear. You have to have a totally open mind and heart. Personally I strive to serve best interests where leadership, positive psychology, emotional and social intelligence and group dynamics are concerned. What you see on T.V. is high functioning "experts" walking into environments filled with people who have specific challenges at hand and yelling and embarrassing them should never be part of the equation. I am embarrassed by expert "ego" battling ownership "ego." The truth is anyone can benefit from ongoing support and assistance from a consultant who will guide them through each challenge creating the systems and emotional support to win time and again. The truth is If we can change the way we think and feel then we have changed our perspective about what stops us from getting where and what we want in life. In addition to providing clarity, business coaches also work to create accountability for their clients. I like to say that a business coach and a consultant is much like a personal trainer. You know how to do a push up. But a trainer pushes you to do more than you would on your own. A business coach can inspire and hold you accountable to a higher standard of growth and performance without stepping on your toes or embarrassing you in front of friends or staff. If you are reading this far you probably are stressed by someone or something within your operation. Don't let ego or money become a barrier to asking for support. The reason why I personally love my business is because I get to meet so many great people who have invested their money, time and energy into something they are passionate about. Putting it all on the line takes a special type of person or investment team. Asking for help requires a special type of person too. Many a false step was made by standing still.

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