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Meeting where you uniquely stand

Don’t confuse the complex with the difficult. Most situations are simple – many are just emotionally difficult to act upon. Often, all that stands between you and what you want is a better set of questions...and being strong enough to ask for support!  

The Process

The truth is, it all starts with you 

Many a false step was made by standing still...
Adversity doesn’t build character; it reveals it.
The Process

We authentically listen and observe to help identify your unique objectives and goals. Our Restaurant Consultants possess a distinct passion for people, food and beverage. 

Your unique win permeates every aspect of the effort. Our passion is a result of over ninety years of collective hospitality experience successfully helping existing and aspiring business leaders.   

Creativity is derived from knowledge and experience floating upon a level playing field.  Ultimately, quality is not what is placed into your product or service but what customers get out of it.  Everyone can grill a steak, saute' mushrooms in white wine and garlic, and who doesn't believe they have the best service and cheeseburger?    

Ultimately, our Restaurant Experts customize a winning map with benchmarks and a timeline for success.  Success, however you define it, is achievable if we collect the right field-tested beliefs and habits. Then build a platform to support it. 

Someone else has done your version of “success” before, and often, many have done something similar.  Some have survived, and some have failed.  

Our process is unique to you, and 100-percent confidential.  

"Meet Peter"

Peter D. Bouloukos attended High School in Mission Viejo, California and is a graduate of Arizona State University.  He now resides in Bozeman, Montana where he raises his two daughters Mikayla (18) and Amara (16). 

Peter is an active member of the community hosting free instructional soccer clinics for kids ages four to fourteen as well as mentoring both youth and adults. 

Mr. Bouloukos is an assistant director and marketing manager for a non-profit youth sports organization.  He coaches two soccer teams during the Spring & Fall. Peter also makes time each Fall to coach youth tackle football through the local LIONS CLUB.    


Peter has a passion for supporting and serving others.  He is also a Certified Professional Ski Instructor and loves the outdoors.  This is one reason you can read about his hiking adventures mixed in with actionable management and life advice in our “Tip Jar” online. 


Peter has been involved in the hospitality industry for thirty years, and has worked directly in Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, Ventura, Big Sky, Bozeman, Lewistown, Billings and more great towns and cities across the United States.  Close To Open Consultants has experts in all major markets across the United States. 

Peter has owned multiple themed restaurant concepts, managed, consulted and supervised many others with volume experience extending into the eight figures per year in both full service and nightclub concepts.  From fine to casual dining, wine tastings to beer dinners Close to Open Management Consulting benefits greatly from Peter's experience and positive energy. 

He has a love for beverage and food combinations with extensive experience in concept development, employee education and hospitality based leadership.  Peter is passionate about sharing knowledge, coaching, teaching, training and building successful relationships and operations. 

"Chef Pedro" as he sometimes refers to himself as also loves to prepare huge meals treating friends & guests to delicious wines, craft beers and stories spanning 30 plus years!  Food is an expression of love, and brings people together from all cultures worldwide.   


Next, Peter received mentions in Rolling Stone Magazine for his special event booking and support of independent live music in the 1990’s.  He has booked or managed over 2000 special concert events. 

In 1993 he started a grass-root effort called The Tempe Music Festival that today reaches over 30,000 people per day for this annual concert event.  In 1996 Peter helped plan and operate National Championship Fiesta Bowl and Superbowl special events that attracted over a quarter million in corporate sponsorship's.  

He has donated time refurbishing homes for low income families and believes in giving back to local communities.  Peter is also a Board Member of a Community Out-reach non-profit, supporting wellness, activities and creating a certain global awareness.    


His experience also includes both resort and private club operations with convention and conference level supervision, planning and management.  Close to Open Consulting has teams of professional contacts all over the United States providing you with a wealth of knowledge and resource.  


Our Agency was created out of Peter's passion in supporting and serving others where they uniquely stand.  If you have an open mind, Peter has an open heart and knows how to get the job done the right way – all the way! 


Your dream.  Close to Open Support and Service.  One great future.

M E E T - P E T E R
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