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  • Peter D. Bouloukos

What is FEAR?


The story of your life is comprised of events, past experiences, and circumstances. It is where one derives a complete "sense of self" in most cases. When a person lives a "life story" they completely miss great opportunities and experiences often blind to existing potential or reality itself. Unhappiness is "fear" of challenge and the unknown. When something does not work the way you want it, don't run or quit! Simply stated, dig in, learn and love with an open mind and happy heart.

Unhappiness is "born" of "fear" also giving rise to "fear" in an on-going fashion. When we give power to hopeless or unhappy feelings we automatically become afraid of everything around us. We become subject to "mood" and feelings of helplessness. We run away from personal potential and often hide behind excuse mechanisms. Think about what a "mood" really is? Is it your heart, or is it human ego and the mind making an excuse? Now, believing you are better than another for any reason be it education, wealth or social status is an Ego trap. Anytime you are identifying while comparing it's Ego needing to justify, criticize, contend, complain or compete in a totally unproductive and unnecessary fashion. Fear loves a good story! Fear loves a good excuse! Human Ego loves the comfort of what is known up to this point in life. Live without a story; simply fresh, free-flowing and awake in every moment devoid of labels or any need to identify for that matter. I often tell people to simply let go and live a life rather than a loop. But to break free of FEAR, anxiety or certain levels of depression, you MUST be STRONGER than all EXCUSES. Our habits define our choices, and we become a product of both. With this, never FEAR being judged or asking for help! The best of the best hire coaches, mentors or consultants. The best of the best seek emotional support, therapy and trusted friends. But don't expect to hear what you want to hear...and don't FEAR change.

"Fear" is afraid of everything because Fear can only see itself in everything! Fear fails to account for many of the things really taking place in the form of circumstances or challenges. These "road blocks" will always present themselves, but they do not have to represent an end in the road. When you climb one hill or mountain, I promise their will always be a bigger hill or mountain waiting! How you attack each climb will define you. Equally, how you run away will also define you. But think of it like this, the biggest reward is found in the climb itself. When you start to visualize a dream and see yourself in it, that voice inside will often scream "you'll never make it." Every step, every move will make you feel lost when fear steps in. When I suggest there will always be a bigger mountain after each climb, why not move the next mountain out of the way with a knowing smile? Life is filled with big climbs, huge challenges and endless unknowns. Sometimes you are going to lose, stumble or fall, but never fear this!

Think for a second, what is "fear" not afraid of? To make matters worse, when you are afraid of things that have not happened or perhaps are not really happening at all...what are you likely to do? Well, "fear's" solution to everything is to live with more fear, doubt and anxiety...more panic and defense mechanisms!

Fear is frightening! It plays tricks with the mind and reality itself.


"False Evidence Appears Real."

Think about that!

Now, think about it this way: F.E.A.R. "Forgotten Everything is All Right." I like that one,it's positive and in-fact, everything is often really great when you take time to evaluate what works!

Now, here is another way people view F.E.A.R: "F_ck Everything and Run."

Somehow we manage to make it through life when it throws one 90 mph curve ball after the next! We are so ready to run and quit anytime we fear what might happen next. Human Beings have managed to live through every type of fear, failure, and disappointment! When presented with a new challenge Ego will have you making snap judgement's often running away from something great in order to fall back into something known, easy and comfortable. Fear destroy's potential and I will offer it blocks the path to enlightenment and happiness. Welcome to a life dominated by false pride and ego! Ego is “the precious little self.” It is the voice in your head. It isn’t who you really are! If you allow it, Ego will define who you think you are. Each day, what you see in the mirror is the reflection of physical being. The roles you inhabit each day, and how they are reflected as a friend, lover, parent, child, worker, or a boss are different selves we pick up each day as the situation or relationship manifests them. Knowing these roles, as well as your reflection in the mirror, are not who you actually are is an important enlightening distinction all of us should strive for. Here, we should laugh at fear and anytime Ego creeps into the frame we should push it back out.

The truth is this: Our fears, doubts and loneliness attempt to talk us into even greater unhappiness, but to the EGO it sure seems comfortable because it is all that you know and will ever know! What Is Real Fear? Real fear is the body’s natural response to a threat. Let’s say, for example you are proceeding cautiously through a green signal at an intersection when the driver of another car suddenly disregards his red signal and drives through without stopping. Because you drive defensively, you are able to maintain control and avoid a collision. To do so, however, you are required to slam on the brakes, turn the wheel, and steer your car into a nearby ditch. To compound the seriousness of the situation, the driver of the other car never stops. In an instant, life flashes before your eyes as the heart pounds rapidly. Perhaps you even shout an obscenity or two at the driver while shaking a fist at him for being so irresponsible or oblivious. What are you feeling and experiencing? This is real fear. Our body instinctively knows how to respond in a threatening situation, thanks to thousands of years of evolutionary history. You may know it as the fight-or-flight response. F.E.A.R. Is more often than not "False Evidence Appears to be Real." The more we learn, the more we must realize how much we don't know. Think about this, the ego believes in some fixed identity enduring over time, instead of the ever changing relationships, processes and challenges making life what it actually is. We see people repeating the same mistakes time and again, instead of living a "life" they are living a "loop" and Ego sure is comfortable here.

Originally written by Peter D. Bouloukos

September 27, 2010

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