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  • Peter D. Bouloukos

What Happens When Nobody is Watching?

John Wooden is a legendary Basketball Coach, an amazing person of character and personal integrity.

Coach Wooden once said: “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when nobody is watching.”

When considering white-collar crime on Wall Street, as well as blue-collar theft in restaurant, retail and service based industries, this axiom has not exactly held true. It seems people’s character is tested more when EVERYONE is watching and it is within this environment people are failing true tests of moral authority and personal integrity. It is unbelievable what people attempt to do when the world can see them, and this includes under video and audio surveillance as well as right in front of your customers!

Scrutiny of what we do in private is hardly scrutiny at all. I would challenge most people to allow us to look at their Internet search history for the past year! Then let us create a character judgement and personal recommendation based off of the data! But how do people, your friends and employees hold up when confronted with integrity opportunities in the workplace? If you have cameras, when is the last time you watched eight hours of one person's shift, let alone each employee in action? Looking at white collar criminals involved in insider trading, prosecutors suggest it is extremely difficult to distinguish the evil person who committed the crime from the private person who seemingly led a respectable life in the community. In the workplace, be it retail, restaurants or customer service, it is impossible to vouch for even the most incredible and dependable employee including visible members of the community you consider to be friends. According to experts, theft increases amongst groups where the cheater is closely associated with the team or group...a friend or someone with the same upbringing or background. In each and every story, there exists a certainty of knowing right from wrong, but somehow human judgement can be clouded by the opportunity for personal gain.

I'm not saying Coach John Wooden is wrong, but perhaps character is better defined by what you do when everyone is watching, just as much as it is when no one is watching. Character counts regardless of who is watching and when, but can any good meaning manager or owner truly "vouch" for what is essentially part of a fragile "human condition" for most? Think about how many "friends" and relationships have come and gone over the years. When is the last time you have asked for outside support to measure performance, quality, character, integrity, sanitation, cleanliness and hospitality for the business you own or manage? Secret Shopper/Spotter Service are a critical component of any successful foundation especially when considering with a "point & click" your customers are sharing experiences and complaints online! You will have an undercover seasoned hospitality and service based professional provide you with total peace of mind. Our service includes but is not limited to:

*Analysis of quality control and overall guest experience.

*Complete, detailed objective feedback in various approved formats. *Customized performance measurements based upon your concerns compounded by our criteria. *Detailed step-by-step narrative of the professional evaluator’s experience from start to finish. *Data compared against industry benchmarks to include a snapshot of what is going on locally. *Facility inspection to include cleanliness, organization, sanitation, atmosphere and analysis. *Full edited report to post on employee board to encourage best practices. *Useful, actionable potential remedies and outcomes in a fast turnaround time. Whatever the business, whatever the challenge, reach out and let's create a winning plan together... Prices start as low as $50 per visit.

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