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  • Peter D. Bouloukos

Fight or Flight?

Deep Thought:


Unlike us modern humans — who tend to fight the circumstances that do not suit us, striving to persist against whatever we find uncomfortable — most animals find ways to work with and around circumstances. They are masters at making the best of what could very well be seen as a bad situation.

Think about it: How often is our first response to a perceived problem something stubborn and reactive like, “I must change this, stop this or make it go away!” Human ego is wired to compare, contend, complain, criticize and be a cynic. Those are cancerous habits never serving your best interests but it sure is easy and comfortable something human ego loves.

How often are we even aware we have other options — options that may actually be better than our own ideas of what’s best? All too often professionals and people from all walks of life spin-a wheel over and over again without traveling anywhere or learning anything. Instead of progress, they live a "loop" rather than a "life." You hear people say "I almost" more often than you "it was tough but I finished strong." Ego loves a good excuse but know the second you say "almost" or "maybe" is the second you are missing the best part of life's compensation plan. What we learn when we move beyond fear and the unknown is what makes all of us stronger.

When someone challenges you, perhaps they are right? Your best advisers and true friends will challenge the very fabric of thought creating the foundation for where you stand right now. You can push back and tell them to beat it...or you can embrace what is being shared and learn from it.

"Fight and Flight" are animal instinct's embedded in your DNA. But the truth is that you should not fight or run from anything! Embrace each challenge as a learning opportunity. Listen to others. The trap? Don't continue to do what you did to arrive where you stand right now.

Trust nothing on the "outside" created your reality. The only way to make today better than the past is to embrace challenge and make a few changes that may seem a bit uncomfortable.

Yours in Success,

Peter Dean Bouloukos

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