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  • Peter Bouloukos

Do people ever tell you it "can't" be done?

When people in your world exclaim "it can't be done," or attempt to limit the imiganition and soul with negative thoughts simply stop looking at your surroundings! Remember many are limited by their own life story. Do not let this hold you back.

Keep your eyes on the limitless world filled with great opportunity and excitement.

No matter what "chains" are present today, remember we are not in the business of allowing the world to hold us down...we are in the business of being passionate about doing what is right and following our heart first. Doors will open and good people will present themselves to you. You just have to be aware and ready to listen. Keep a very open-mind...

The Brain Said: "I am the smartest organ in the body." The Heart Replied: "Who told you?"

Don't overthink it!

Personally, I walk with many people when I would rather be running. I stand by the side of close friends as well as almost complete strangers because I believe in a better good and bright tomorrows. Even when you don't give back...I give regardless. Why? When you love who you are and what you do, nothing else matters. The best rewards in life come from knowing you did the right thing by another human being.

When doors look closed all around, when surroundings look limited, when you feel like you're in chains, remember, alter the way you view the world and the world around you will change! Stay in the same comfortable mode or habits that helped you arrive at this point and the same things will reoccur in your "loop"...I mean life. Think about it.

Keep dreaming. Keep expecting. Keep believing. Opportunities will be opened to you. If you fall, get right back up and press forward with even greater determination to accomplish the dream or goal you have set. The best build on failure and use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. Don't let negative people or any failure have an ounce of your energy, time or space.

Also, if you have not yet set a goal what kind of results can you really have? Set goals and write them down somewhere you are forced to see them each day. I have one on the wall next to my bedroom door.

My goal? I want to get into the best shape of my life. Elite shape. I used to be able to run, jump and do things at a level where I could at times compete with professional athletes and know I was physically stronger...just not mentally. How can I do this? Well, I know I can. I have done it before. I want to do it. I will do it.

I also know anyone reading this can do whatever they want to do...they simply have to believe and be willing to ask for help as needed. This is true in business and in life. I am genuine in support.

Personally I mentor and help kids aged four to kids aged 70. It's what I am passionate about and all you have to do is ask for help!

Yours in Success,

Peter Dean Bouloukos

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