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Living in a Cave?

Living in a Cave???

Anyone see the Dreamworks film about a Stone-Age family "The Croods?" The plot is simple: Having spent the majority of existence within the confines of a safe but dingy cave, the Croods are thrust out to discover the mysterious and magic of the world. They learn to love and how to live with a wide-open heart and mind.

Once outside of their tiny-bubble the Croods encounter all sorts of heartache, misery and danger. The world is truly unknown and they have nowhere to retreat for the first time ever. They must endure new experiences, trials, troubles and seemingly impossible circumstances. Letting go of comfort and what was previously "the world" teaches them how to cope, love, laugh and experience an entirely new reality. They eventually find a beautiful oasis to call "home."

The moral of the story? I think unless we are willing to stretch beyond the known or what we believe to be certain, we miss the most beautiful lessons and experience a "loop" rather than a "life."

Making assumptions, following "norms" or using the mind instead of following the heart creates massive limits to potential and will mask the beauty sometimes standing a few steps to the right. We will never discover the wonderful, amazing life path if we aren't agile enough to dance, sing or move at a different pace or on a different note.

We create our world regardless if we are aware of it or not. We are all a product of choice.

Another lesson from The Croods is if we are going to break new trail and explore new territories we must be willing to endure a certain amount of self-doubt and discomfort along the way. Are we good enough? Will we look stupid? Will fragile ego be safe? What happens if we were wrong?

I have learned many lessons by letting go of a comfortable world. I have had so many challenges and each day I feel blessed to be strong, dedicated and focused on being better and doing better. I have learned people will no doubt let you down. People will think you have an agenda when you are nice, hard working or dedicated.

People will contend, complain, compare or be let them! Give the world the best you have and it may not be enough, but give with an open-heart, soul and mind and you will be better for it. When we move forward with great heart, nothing else matters! Not one thing. Surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be...

People are so afraid of change.

Think about a roller-coaster: We have a track. We have engineers and math. We have a predetermined starting point. We know exactly where the tough turns, loops and splashes will why do people hold on? They have all of the control they need when they sit down and holding on really controls nothing. Just enjoy the ride, it may seem scary, but don't we always laugh or giggle with a huge smile at the end of each ride? Think about a challenge in life, when we stick with it we gain strength and knowledge, and upon achievement don't we always "know" something new and find ourselves smiling and wanting more?

Think about relationships: When we let go and simply give, it inspires the other person to do the same. When we truly let go and give of ourselves, the relationship itself does all of the work and all you have to do is share as best as you can while you enjoy the ride. Bruce Lee would say "Flow like water." Guess what many do? Try to control relationships by keeping score and by doing this they miss the most beautiful part of giving. They stifle potential at the same time.


Simply stated, always look to get better and grow. Don't get stuck in the same routine or habits. Strive to improve standards and quality. Leave the cave and watch the bottom line brighten up!

What Cave could you leave behind???

Yours in Success, Peter Dean Bouloukos

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