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Making Progress

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Remember those resolutions in January? Well, that was six month's ago. I am willing to bet many are exactly where they were December 31st on the plan or promise. The toughest thing one will ever have to do is to keep an internal commitment. Almost half a year has gone by. So how are you personally doing with those goals?

If you have not made the exact progress you would like, don't get too all worked up about it.

Most importantly take it as a sign you might need a more focused approach.

Drinking less? Working out more? Reading? Writing? Weight loss? Going back to school? Attaining a certification? Stop smoking? Eating better? Donating more time? Arriving on time? Keeping the room clean? Making your bed? Keeping all commitments to others?

Whatever it is, first create rapid-fire styled setting and the frequent measuring of very small, systematic goals. In short, baby-step forward and document the progress. What I am suggesting is task by task items often accomplished in a day or two! For me right now, it's my garage! That thing has me slowed to a turtle's pace! Basically, if you avoid something simple like putting away socks or cleaning the bathroom top to bottom, do those things as they create little boxes of success and momentum. Low hanging fruit of sorts.

For example, if your fitness goal is to fit two hours of exercise in one weeks time, you might break those down into twenty minute segments over five or six days, maybe each morning before you shower. Set up a chart and check each one off as you go then finish with a five or ten minute jog around the neighborhood. You will immediately see results and progress is energizing!

What I have learned in business and life, is we tend to succeed at things measured daily and we do much less well at items measured weekly, monthly or annually if these things are truly measured at all. In other words, the frequency of measurement in any given endeavor has everything to do with success or failure.

Some people look at a challenge or problem and get all out of whack or fired up because they internalize them. Then they change course and contend it wasn't going to work. Who cares what other people may think! Remember this! Pressure can't exist if you are mentally prepared to overcome any given situation. Pressure only exists if you internalize and are hard-wired to quit on something good or can make you stronger!

When confronted with a challenge, do the best you can and rise to the occasion. Test and sharpen the saw so to speak. Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Every problem creates an opportunity to give the best you possibly can. Think about this and bring your best to each day!

Funny, but people will tell you why they can't do something that may be really incredible for them. What I like to share is this: Think "How can I do this!?" Make small steps towards big change! Yours in Success, Peter Dean Bouloukos

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