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  • Peter D. Bouloukos

Storm Castle Peak, Gallatin Canyon, Montana

Storm Castle is a easy to access hike along the East wall of the Gallatin river 17 miles from Four Corners outside of Bozeman, Montana. From Four corners simply take the 191 South into the canyon to Storm Castle Road on the left between mile markers 66 & 67. If you pass the flats and see Hell Roaring Trailhead look back and you can see Storm Castle Peak, turnaround! Storm Castle Peak is a rocky outcropping with slide areas, winding trails climbing the South face and when you reach the ridge line going up the North side of the ridge it's almost like rain forest, heavily wooded and lush. Follow the trail being careful along the slide paths on the South face of this hike, it can get narrow on foot so if you have weak ankles or any knee problems you may want poles. The trail does cross about 80-90 yards of steep terrain on a thin path. Outside of this, it's not a hard hike although you do climb 2,300 feet in elevation in 2.5 miles! I don't know how to describe it but I guess the switchbacks are long enough to lessen the burn! I was also 27 pounds lighter the last time I did this one (broke my foot and boom...easy weight gain)! So take your time but I feel even in decent shape you can handle this hike in under 3.5 hours total. En route to the summit, the trail zigzags up through mountain meadows, evergreens, and some awesome limestone out-croppings. During this hike you will be able to look East and see the peaks around Hyalite reservoir (Hyalite Divide) providing a nice perspective if you are from Bozeman and can't afford a helicopter tour! You can also see the jagged Spanish Peaks across the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, of course the Gallatin River and canyon as pictured below too!

Storm Castle Peak from the Gallatin River South of Bozeman, Montana

From the top of Storm Castle Peak looking down at The Gallatin River in Montana

Hyalite peaks from the Storm Castle switchbacks

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