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  • Peter Bouloukos

"Pork Chops and Two Favorite Animals" -Homer Simpson

Bobby has 28 pieces of bacon. Bobby eats 25 pieces of bacon.

What does Bobby have now?


Even with health and wellness concerns driving industry trends, indulging passionately in bacon continues to provide opportunities for restaurateurs to innovate and appeal to potential clientele.

Chef's of course can kill it!

But why not include staff members to create innovative flavor profiles, spices, salt, smoke, savory flavors from sweet to hot? There is no end to bacon, it's something I have used for twenty years to "add perceived value" to an entree, breakfast dish or unique Bloody Mary at the bar.

It's simple and profitable too! Remember, people speak passionately about bacon. They joke about bacon. They can compete for a triathalon title and enjoy bacon dipped in their recovery drink. They share pictures of bacon or stories about bacon online!

People serve flights of tequila and flights of beer as samples. What about "flights of bacon" as an appetizer? It's already being done...

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