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  • Peter Bouloukos

Kettle House Brewery Cold Smoke Scotch Ale (Missoula, Mt.)

Montana has some of the best craft beers in the world. We also have world class powder skiing and alpine terrain but we have Grizzly Bears and Mountain Lions all over...even during the winter months so it's really not safe outside of our Taprooms.

Cold Smoke® Scotch Ale Pouring out silky-caramel-chocolate in color the nose provides subtle whiffs of toffee providing warmth at heart and a smile to the soul. If I could bottle the nose of this beer and wear it like aftershave I would be a very popular man!

Cold Smoke® Scotch Ale is best described as a "dark-smooth" Scotch Ale with a sweet yet subtle coffee finish. It was first introduced to me on a snow filled-frigid day at Norris Hot Springs in the Spring of 2011 and the roasted barley coffee finish had me hooked. I make dining selections based on the availability of this beer on draft! This Scotch Ale is "sessionable" and is easily enjoyed in the middle of a Montana winter or on a hot poolside day in the Arizona Desert. It packs 6.5% abv so I recommend taking your time, savoring the fine character of this beer and the depth of flavours mask the alcohol completely. When I introduce this beer to people who claim they don't like "dark beer" they are blown away often saying "Wow, I didn't think dark beer could be so refreshing." This simple fact is a powerful tool on-premise for any savvy operation looking to define quality food & beverage pairings people will talk about and share. Try daily features using this Scotch Ale in the cooking process! Be unique and innovative. Personally I dip chocolate chip cookies in my Cold Smoke® while watching movies on the sofa!

Cold Smoke® Scotch Ale is one of Kettle House Brewery's (Missoula, Montana) biggest award winners. It comes in at 11 IBU's or on the lower end of the scale for the Scotch Ale Category. This is part of the reason in my opinion you can drink or sip on it all day long with a light mouth-watering finish making you crave more!

Watch for the Tim, Suzy and the entire Kettle House family to break out nationally in the coming years with a variety of delicious craft beers with a contageous bottom-line passion and integrity!. Local skiers and riders might not want to tell you why it's called "Cold Smoke" but remember we have wolves on the slopes too! My story ends here...

For more about Kettle House Brewery:

Yours in Deliciousness, Peter

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