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  • Peter D. Bouloukos

Blackmore Trail to Blackmore Lake, Montana

Blackmore trail, fallen tree splits an entire tree below in half outside Bozeman, Montana

Blackmore Lake is a six hundred feet elevation gain from the Hyalite Reservoir located South of Bozeman, Montana. Blackmore Lake sits at an elevation of 7900' and will hold snow on the trails into late May or early June in some cases. The hike is a well manicured Forest Trail with switchbacks climbing to the lake in a beautiful dense pine tree forest. This is great in the hot summer months for hiking with dogs and the lake is a great place for a swim. The meadows surrounding the lake will blossom wild flowers as the snow melts. When you time your Spring or early summers correctly the meadow just South of Blackmore Lake is beautiful. The five mile Blackmore trail begins near the West shore of Hyalite Reservoir and leads to Blackmore Lake en route to the top of Mount Blackmore high above the lake on the divide between the South Cottonwood Creek and Hyalite Creek drainages. The trail can also be hiked 13 miles if you park a car at South Cottonwood Creek trailhead. That's roughly a six to seven hour excursion but you will leave civilization behind. The hike to Blackmore Lake is 1.5 miles with a quick elevation gain more towards the Lake, so the 600 feet rise is a bit deceiving, it will drive your legs but feel great afterwards! The trail to the lake is also great for running, not many rocks and a bobcat can bulldoze it top to bottom in the spring when they clear fallen timber. I recommend Blackmore Lake as a 3 mile rewarding run if you live in Bozman and only have an hour or so to get out. From the Lake it is only 3.5 miles to Mount Blackmore, it's a rough 2,800 feet elevation gain in that 3.5 miles, bring plenty of water and plan on stopping more than a few times to rest the legs.

Mount Blackmore from Blackmore Lake, Gallatin County, Montana, U.S.A.

Fallen Tree along Blackmore Trail splitting a large healthy tree below it.  Bozeman Hiking.

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